Wireless Education

Learn About Wireless Radiation

  • All mobile and Wi-Fi devices operate through two-way microwave radiation, but have never been safety tested.
  • A growing body of scientific evidence indicates Wi-Fi and cellular radiation causes extensive biological harm.
  • Out-dated government guidelines do not reflect current science, so manufactureres are still allowed to sell products that emit toxid levels or microwave radiation.
  • Adults and children alike are beginning to feel unwell around mobile and portable DECT phones, Wi-Fi routers, tablets, wearables, smart utility meters, and other wireless devices.
  • Longer-term concerns include DNA damage, cancers, infertility, Alzheimer's, autism, chronic fatigue, learning disabilities, behavioral issues and more.
  • We believe a little education will go a long way to protecting yourself and your loved ones.

For more information visit:  http://www.wirelesseducation.org


Safe and Healthy Pregnancy

Doctors recommend that pregnant women reduce wireless radiation.

Over 200  physicians, scientists and educators have joined together to express concern about the risk wireless radiation poses to bab's brain development.

The BabySafe Project urges pregnant women to take simple steps to reduce a baby's wireless exposure:

  • Turn off your cell phone or switch to airplane mode when not in use.
  • Avoid holding your cell phone or any wireless device against your body.
  • Replace Cordless phone systems with corded phones that don't plug into electricity.
  • Turn off WiFi routers and connect to the internet via wired cables whenever possible.

For more information please visit:   http://www.babysafeproject.org


American Academy of Pediatrics Recommendations

Reduce cell phone and wireless radiation:

  • Do not hold the cell phone up to her head.  Use speaker mode or hand free to limit radation exposure to the brain.
  • Avoid carrying your phone against the body like in a pocket, sock or bra.  Cell phone manaufacturers can not guarantee that the amount of fadiation your are absorbing will be at a safe level.
  • Make only short or essential call on cell phones.
  • If you plan to watch a movie on your device, download it first, then switch to airplane mode while you watch in order to avaid unnecessary radiation it give off.
  • Avoid making calls in cars, elevators, trains, and buses.  The cell phone works harder (and emits more radiation) to get a signal though metal.
  • Remember that cell phones are not toys or teething items.

For more information from AAP's visit:  http://www.helathychildren.org


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